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Khatmul Quran

Dear brothers & sisters,
At Al-Hayat Centre we will be completing the recital of the Quran on Monday 8th of April corresponding to the 29th night of Ramadan, inshallah.
Our honoured guest Shaykh Luqman Ul Hakim Bin Marzuki has done an absolutely fantastic job facilitating this honour for us all. Shaykh Luqman has diligently led the Taraweeh, Qiyamul Layl including the rest of the prayers, and will continue to do so until the end of this blessed month. May Allah reward our Qaris abundantly for their hard work, dedication and the resilience they have shown, and love for the Quran they have inspired in the hearts of the congregants.
So please do join us for Isha prayer (9:20pm) followed by Taraweeh and then Qiyamul Layl at 3am, today to the end of Ramadan. Please do bring the children on the Khatm so we can provide them with gifts and refreshments inshallah. It will be a nice experience for them.
For those who would like to contribute to the Khatmul Quran or gift for the Qurraa, please do so by SPONSORING A JUZZ (Chapter recital) for £100. We still have 10 Juzz remaining.
If you would like to sponsor a Juz recitation, you can contribute by making a payment online as well via the account details below. May Allah accept it from you.
Al-Hayat Trust
Account no: 05675069
Sort code: 08-71-99

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