Yesterday, Al-Hayat Centre arranged a Youth Iftar & I’tekaaf for teenagers who took part in our Taraweeh, spent time with Shaykh Rizwan holding formal and informal talks/Q&A’s, assisted in arranging and preparing the food for Iftar, and leading their own as well as, participating in the Qiyamul Layl. There was also time for them to enjoy a game or two on the PlayStation before resting up for the night.
Just last week, we were blessed with 60-70 kids between the ages of 5-12 for the Ramadan Workshop and Children’s Iftar and that too, was a resounding success with students really enjoying their time here.
We will keep offering these types of services and youth facilities and it is precisely because of this, we are looking for your support to purchase Unit 4 and set up as the 1st Islamic ethos-inspired Youth Centre in Southampton. We have 10 Musallas remaining and we aim- at the very least- to complete those sponsorships by the end of this month inshallah.
£100 MUSALLA | 10 LEFT
Allah bless all those who have sponsored already and contributed to this worthy cause.

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