Friday Sermon

Watch collection of Al Hayat Friday Sermon Live Stream.

22-09-2023: THE FIRST SPRING: WELCOMING THE MONTH OF MERCY – The arrival of the month of Rabiul awwal (The 1st spring), and the need to understand and appreciate the merciful nature of the Prophet ﷺ’s noble character in todays world. [ Watch ]

15-09-2023: FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE: SEEKING KNOWLEDGE – the necessity of seeking knowledge (for both men & women), and always trying to improve in order to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. [ Watch ]

8.9.2023: BACK 2 SCHOOL: THE IMPORTANCE OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION – the importance of early childhood education in Islam, and the need to create the best possible Islamic environment for children to thrive in their studies. [ Watch ]

1.9.2023: UNDERSTANDING THE ETHICS OF SOCIAL MEDIA & ITS EFFECTS – the virtues and vices related to an online presence via increased social media usage, and the damaging effects it can have on our faith. [ Watch ]