Youth Room project at Al-Hayat Centre – pool table

Alhamdulillah, with the grace of Allah and the support of our wonderful team of brothers and sisters, we have managed to purchase the pool table required to complete our Youth Room project at Al-Hayat Centre.
We managed to raise the funds in time and are extremely thankful to each and every individual who contributed. May Allah reward you abundantly for facilitating this noble endeavour for our youth.
At Al-Hayat Centre we strive for excellence and are constantly working to improve the relationship of our community with their religion. And we are achieving great success in this regard, Mashallah! The work and the support from our public is a testament to that.
Please do follow our Facebook and other social media pages to learn about our upcoming events and projects. There is a lot more to come inshallah!
Additionally, if you would like to contribute to our youth room and part take in this sadaqah jaariya opportunity, please do donate via the JustGiving link below.
Allah bless you all.

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