4 new Qaidah Gradutes

Subhanallah. We are blessed to have 4 new Qaidah Gradutes this week, who have completed their formal Madrassah education and been rewarded for their efforts. Many congratulations to the students and their families for this outstanding achievement. Those 4 students are;
  • Qasim Qureshi
  • Musa Akbar
  • Anah Anwar
  • Eliza Noor
May Allah bless them with continued success in all their educational endeavours. May Allah reward our team of staff for leading another Fun Friday session that included children learning the 99 names of Allah, the translation for the Salah, as well as learning about the different types of Mosques and being involved the the kitchen activities.
Another lovely end to another week at Al-Hayat Madrassah!

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