Ali Ibn Hussain (ra) narrates from his father that the Prophet ﷺ said: “He who observes the ten days I’tikaf during Ramadan will obtain the reward of two Hajj & two Umrah.” (Bayhaqi)
Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that the Prophet ﷺ said, (about him who engages in i’tikaf), “that he is safe from sin & he also gets that reward which everyone (outside of i’tikaf) gets for pious deeds.” (Ibn Majah)
What an amazing opportunity for us to gain such immense & abundant rewards, as well as proximity to Allah and His Messenger. Alongside the extensive reward, this is a unique and wonderful opportunity to strengthen & boost our imaan (faith) for the rest of the year.
With this being our first Ramadan, you will be among the first to participate in this, the noblest of endeavours.
For those interested in sitting I’tekaaf for the full 10 days (sunnah), please fill out our online form so we can make the appropriate arrangements (see below). Alternatively, you can confirm your participation by contacting Shaykh Rizwan on 07518968375.
I’tekaaf at Al-Hayat consists of;
• Regular lectures both formal and informal, after Fajr & Asr taught by Shaykh Rizwan Hussain al-Azhari
• Taraweeh & Qiyamul Layl led by Shaykh Mahmud Alaaeldin; a world renowned Qari alongside our very own Shaykh Amr and Shaykh Ala Elashmawy.
• Access to library and other reading material to increase knowledge during your stay
• Opportunities to entertain visits from families in our welcoming environment
• Food for suhur & iftar provided
And many more engaging and beneficial activities/talks.
The ten days will start at Maghrib on Friday the 22nd (according to the local sighting). Those intending to sit for the full ten days must arrive in the Masjid before sunset.
We look forward to hosting you this year. May Allah solidify your intentions and accept your actions throughout this beautiful month. Ameen.
I’tekaaf registration form: https://form.jotform.com/221080244764047

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